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Cheval Events

If you have any questions on any of the below events in Cheval please email

Our Events for 2021 Season:

Our full events season for 2021 is currently on hold due to the ongoing Covid-19 Lockdowns. We will update our members as soon as we can, however some of the dates for the diary can be seen below!

All events can be entered through ItsPlainSailing:

For AIRC events:

For Open to All events:

To keep up to date with the latest updates please check our Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Our Next Events can be found below,

Dressage Summer Show 18th July 2021- Open to all

Entries via itsplainsailing

AIRC Autumn Show- Dressage and Performance Working Hunter 12th Sept 2021

Open to AIRC members, entries via itsplainsailing

We are delighted to say that the NER AIRC are Hosting their Festival in the Cheval Grounds 31st July- 1st August 2021. This show is open to AIRC members and can be entered through the following link on itsplainsailing;

Below are some of past Training Events and Shows;

Working Hunter & Dressage

Cheval for Hire: 15 euro per person

Cheval Show Grounds are open for members to school in the sand arena,
Cheval members must have someone with them to school in the grounds, no one is allowed to ride on their own.

If you wish to hire Cheval Show Grounds contact Maria Carrick – 0876241743 or email 24 hrs before

Our arena can now also be booked through ItsPlainingSailing!

Click the following link: