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Cheval Membership

2023 Membership

There are 2 levels of membership open to 2023 members:

1. Cheval Jordanstown CLG Membership only (access to the grounds and open to all shows but cannot ride in AIRC affiliated shows)


2. Cheval Jordanstown  CLG + Cheval Riding Club  CLG Membership (AIRC affiliation)

Membership Prices

Type of Membership for 2023                                                  Prices €
New Cheval & New AIRC                                                           160.00
Returning Cheval & New AIRC                                                  150.00
Returning Cheval & AIRC Renewal (must be AIRC 2022)      145.00
New AIRC only                                                                               75.00
Renewal AIRC only (must be AIRC 2022)                                   60.00
New Cheval only Member                                                            65.00
Cheval Non-riding member                                                         20.00
Family Rates – Please visit Cheval Jordanstown – Its Plain Sailing Online Payments page events

Membership is open to over 17s only


For a membership information please email to :

Membership can also now be done online through ItsPlainSailing see link:

See our Club Page on the AIRC Website below


If you are accepted for membership to Cheval Jordanstown CLG you are bound by the Constitution of Cheval Jordanstown CLG,

Cheval Jordanstown Constitution 20181102

If you are accepted for membership to Cheval Riding Club CLG you are bound by the Constitution of Cheval Riding Club CLG and the rules of the Association of Irish Riding Clubs.

Cheval RC Constitution 20181102